An Interview with Jackson Browne

(AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)

The legendary songwriter about his politics, his fourteenth studio album and what it was like the first time he saw Springsteen perform.

The Nation - Written by: Eric Alterman and Katrina vanden Heuvel

Jackson Browne just dropped his fourteenth studio album, Standing in the Breach, Tuesday, and the reviews so far have been stellar. “Ringing peals of guitar herald the coming of a great new Jackson Browne release, “ said Mojo. It “sounds both familiar and utterly new…. His words perhaps more prosaic (certainly more ardently brazen), are just as transportive—just as likely to take us back to another time, too. A time of innocence and lost love. A time of youth,” said Something Else Reviews. Jackson is marking the occasion with two shows at the Beacon Theatre tonight and tomorrow night—the second, previously unscheduled one, was added due to ticket demand. Katrina and I sat down with Jackson at the Hotel Beacon one afternoon last week and talked about politics and music. Below, thanks to the expert taping and typing abilities of Nation intern Edward Hart, is an edited version of what we said, with a few sentences clarified and a whole bunch taken out. Hope you enjoy it. —ERA

Katrina vanden Heuvel: So, thank you for taking the time.

Jackson Browne: Oh, no. Thank you for asking—for wanting to do this. I’m thrilled.

KVH: You’re carrying The New York Times.

JB: I get The New York Times every day that I’m touring actually and at home. And then John gets it for me wherever we are and whatever the local paper is, but this is—so this is—it’s always interesting to—you know—well, it’s not interesting, but it’s always notable to note the difference in the coverage.

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