Blue Rhythm Highway, a new album from Jorge Calderón, is coming soon.

Blue Rhythm Highway is my first record in many years. At the urging of my long-time friend Jackson Browne, I went into his studio to record "Blue City" and "On Mardi Gras Day". Then consequently many other songs to complete this CD.

I've always chosen to ride the blue rhythm highway, a road where the afro-Caribbean sounds of my youth blend with those rolling rhythms that rock the blues and feed on street-bred beats, shaking my soul like a steady moving train.

Painting the backdrop to my travels, "Sky Blue Chevrolet" opens the record and bookends with "Down By The Breadfruit Trees" which speaks to where I stand at this moment of the journey. In between, I share observations, dedications, plus a few raw tales and conversations along the blue rhythm highway.